November 13, 2019

UK HPC - Hardware

The Lipscomb HPC Cluster ( was built for UK by Dell Inc and is rated at just over 40 Teraflops.

Basic Nodes

Hi-Mem (Fat) Nodes

Login Nodes


Global cluster filesystem

Other Information


Basic Nodes (front)
Basic Nodes Front
Basic Nodes (back)
Basic Nodes Back
Hi-Mem (Fat) Nodes
Hi-Mem Nodes
Login and Admin Nodes
Login and Admin Nodes
IB Switches (front)
IB Switches 1
IB Switches (back)
IB Switches 2
Panasas Disk Store
IB Switches 2
Panasas Disk Store (more disks)
IB Switches 2
IB Switches 2

Past HPC Equipment

For comparison, here is some infomation about older hardware.

For general IT or account help

IT Customer Service Center
111 McVey Hall
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506
(859) 218-HELP (218-4357)
fax: (859) 257-9374

For technical (HPC) help

Email your questions to:

Send comments/questions to:
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